October 21, 2017

Steel Guitar Construction Workshop at Mauna Lani

The First Annual Hawaii Steel Guitar Festival at Mauna Lani will include a pre-festival steel guitar construction workshop. Eight participants have signed up to construct their own 6-string steel guitar under the direction of luthier Robert Gleason of Pegasus Guitars. Bob has taught many ‘ukulele and guitar building classes in Hawaiʻi and on the mainland, and has conducted the steel guitar building class for Keola Beamerʻs annual Aloha Music Camp for the past few years.

Left: Bob Gleason preparing mango wood for construction. Right: A finished steel guitar. PC-Bob Gleason.

Bob doesnʻt offer a choice in the woods that are used but tries to supply nice wood so everyone likes what they get. Steel guitar bodies are constructed with Spanish Cedar back (for lightness) with a koa face laminated on top. As an option, Bob is offering a mango face for people who prefer a lighter-colored instrument. Bob is currently in the process of gathering materials and working on the parts kits.

Steel guitar construction phases featuring Robert Post: sanding, soldering, finishing, final assembly. PC-Alan Akaka

The workshop tuition includes all materials and supplies and a nice gig bag. Workshop participants will be required to work quickly but Bob promises that the class will all have fun. He will furnish all the tools and parts necessary for the guitar construction.

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