October 21, 2017

Newsletter Contributions

Steel Trappings welcomes any articles about the Hawaiian steel guitar, Hawaiian recordings and music, Hawaiian entertainment featuring the Hawaiian steel guitar, composition and recording tools, and basically anything a person interested in the Hawaiian steel guitar might be interested in. Festival and convention announcements and reviews are also welcomed.

Submissions should be sent to editor@steeltrappings.com. and include the following:

  • Author contact information (name and email address);
  • One or more appropriate photographs that can be used to create an identifying image for the article (900×300); and
  • If this is your first submission please include a short biography of yourself.

Any submissions become the property of HIMELE. Publication of such articles is at the discretion of the editor.

Due to the nature of this online newsletter, articles should be concise. Lengthy articles may be chapterized for the convenience of the readership.  Full credit will always be given to the author.

If you are submitting previously-copyrighted material, you must either be the owner of the copyright or obtain and submit reprint permission in writing from the original author and publisher before the article can be published.