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1930's Lectro Lab "Troubador" Style

February 1, 2021 • Geronimo "Geri" ValdrizInstruments and Luthiers

In 1932 Rickenbacker's "Frying Pan" lap steel was introduced as the first electric guitar. However, the patent for their electro-magnetic pickup was not approved until 1937.

That gave many companies a chance to exploit the new technology with scant legal reprisal, and many did.

1930's Lectro Lab "Troubador" Style

Chicago's Sound Projects Company produced Lectro Lab steels and amplifiers. They emulated the cast metal body of the Frying Pan in the design of the Troubador lap steel.

1930's Lectro Lab "Troubador" Style

The Troubador's magnetic pickup was originally a ceramic-based piezo electric pickup built into the bridge. However, this steel guitar has a double magnet blade pickup similar to other lap steels produced in the 1930's.!

1930's Lectro Lab "Troubador" Style

Its sound is warm and fit for the popular Hawaiian music of the time. It is a fine example of electric guitars in its early infancy.



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